Bridget Williamson, PA-C

Bridget Williamson, PA-C, helped establish Beauty Together to join forces with other likeminded women and further her mission of making the world a more beautiful place. With all the amazing, diverse resources already at her fingertips through this incredible organization, she’s well on her way of achieving that goal.

“I love that the group incorporates all fields, oculoplastic, plastics, dermatology, and an extender non-surgical medspa as well,” Williamson said. “That combination of resources in one place is so unique and should provide an amazing resource.”

With a background in organic chemistry, Williamson spent the first 10 years of her career working in Big Pharma in Indianapolis. But she decided to change her career path at the age of 30 by going back to school with the original goal of becoming a nurse. As luck would have it, she ended up getting into a physician assistant program and quickly realized it was a much better fit for her. That’s also when she noticed the ravages of time where showing up in her skin.

“At that time, I was already noticing unacceptable forehead wrinkles and had started getting [neurotoxin] treatments, which I of course fell in love with,” Williamson said. “After that, in PA school, I did my elective rotation in cosmetic surgery. Although I did practice hospital medicine for a while, I am now almost strictly 100% aesthetics, having started my own business as a single injector practice in 2016 and having recently hired a new nurse to help out.”

Williamson’s strong love of injectable neurotoxin and her own desire to age more gracefully not only inspired her to start her own medical aesthetic business, it also encourages her to share all of her favorite things with other women to improve their quality of life as well. That philosophy pairs perfectly with her role in Beauty Together.

“The role of the brand is to help get business owners into a group where they can share ideas, while also earning strategic benefits, including pricing, training, communication, etc. This brand should be a forum that is completely fluid all the way from discussion of new topics, trainings, data sharing, and when new information comes out,” Williamson said. “With the varied expertise of these great women, it is so unique from another group out there.”

Williamson went on to say that focused topics of Beauty Together can change and be something that members of the society request. Discussions can be very fluid and constantly changing and there will be so many opportunities for topics coming from all points of view due to the varied nature of members.

Williamson’s personal mission fuels her passion for her own business as well as seamlessly flows in her dealings with Beauty Together. And that mission is?

“To make the world a more beautiful place and give ladies the confidence they didn’t see before they came in to see us,” she said.

Taking photos is savoring life, and every second of it.

That combination of resources in one place is so unique and should provide an amazing resource. 

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