Meet the Founders

Our community was built for strong women in medical aesthetics by strong women in medical aesthetics. 

The Creation of Be Her

Be Her is proud to be founded in part by three amazing women leaders in the medical aesthetic fields.

Dr. Sheila Barbarino, Dr. Jennifer Levine, and Bridget Williamson, PA-C come from different backgrounds and different areas across the country, but are bonded together for their love of this industry and the ideals of creating a community of peers.


As a founding member of Be Her, Sheila Barbarino, M.D., FAAO, FAACS, FACS, knows all about the significance of a strong support group of empowered women.

The daughter of Italian and Chinese immigrants, Barbarino was raised by a strong-willed single mother, which obviously left an indelible impact.

Jennifer Levine, M.D.

When Jennifer Levine, M.D., was presented with an opportunity to be a founding member of the new organization called Be Her, it didn’t take her long to jump on board.

Inspiring and uplifting other women to strive for success is a deeply ingrained conviction of Dr. Levine’s, which obviously makes her a vital member of this unprecedented society of professionals created by women for women.

Bridget Williamson, PA-C

Bridget Williamson, PA-C, helped establish Be Her to join forces with other like minded women and further her mission of making the world a more beautiful place.

With all the amazing, diverse resources already at her fingertips through this incredible organization, she’s well on her way to achieving that goal.

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