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Join the amazing organization created by women in aesthetics for women in aesthetics forging the future of the industry.

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When you join Be Her, you are joining an active community of your peers! You can share ideas and techniques with your fellow aesthetic leaders, participate in exclusive webinars and receive special promotional packages and introductory buy-in benefits, and future savings on products you use in your practice every day! 

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Our main benefits

Be Her was created by women in aesthetics for women in aesthetics in order to create a community with unmatched support from a league of influential women across many specialties. By becoming a member of Be Her, you will unlock invaluable coaching and perks to help support you and your practice.

  • An exclusive space for members to actively connect with each other through our Facebook group, journal clubs and more.
  • Special discounts on products, and exclusive promotions only available to members.
  • Specialized training courses.
  • Informative monthly newsletters featuring the latest industry news and trends.
  • Monthly social media calendars and suggested posts to highlight the following themes: entertaining, inspirational, educational, conversational, and connective.
  • And More!

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One of the amazing benefits of joining the Be Her community is our Mentorship Program! Our members act as both mentors and mentees, sharing their insider knowledge to encourage growth.

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Blog & Industry News

May 13, 2022

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May 13, 2022

May Newsletter

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March 1, 2022

March 2022 Newsletter

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Why Be Her

  • Through our proven experiences and collective knowledge, we can arm you with the tried-and-true tools you need to help your practice grow, without experiencing the pitfalls of unsuccessful methods. From successful social media strategies and campaigns, to insights on industry secrets, to the latest waves happening in aesthetics, we know that you will benefit from these astounding resources just as we have.
Join Be Her today. We look forward to hearing your experiences and insights into this industry we all love.

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